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Berge Volkswagen Fan Page

Joe was amazing! Great job & much thanks Mellissa; o)

This dealership + Joe in particular were very helpful in helping me find and purchase this adorable bug. I would definitely recommend future customers to hear. The service and time management is great! Thanks for everything! – Megan

Kevin was very helpful! I would recommend him to anyone buying a new car.

Thank full for Pete’s patience with us – I was exceptionally picky and it didn’t seem to bother him. We had a good time, joked around with us, but I was also straight with us. Great experience overall. – Anne

As a professional woman with many things on my plate I appreciate Lisa’s professional service and standards.  Lyn M. LTC US Army

The Best Sales/ Service and a friendly environment.

Shane did a great job and was the best ever!

Kevin and Brad did an awesome job! Meeting all our expectations during the whole sales process we love coming here!!!

Daniel Baker to me exemplifies the very best in what a sales person can be, where there was no pushing - rather a genuine desire and interest in making sure that my questions were answered quickly, thoroughly, and with the utmost respect at all times. I was dealt with honestly, and it was because of Daniel's exemplary email communication that I came in to Berge Mazda. I could have saved some money financing at a different dealer by getting a loan discount though USAA, but I came in to Berge because of Daniel's excellent communication and assistance.

The process was contrary to every story I have heard about the process of buying a car, in that it was very easy, and relatively fast. My price was agreed to before I ever stepped foot in the dealership, and every stage of the process once I arrived was smooth. I realize that this isn't "one thing" but I feel that it is important to call out that all things that they did were right, which was the process as a whole. Once again I want to specifically state how happy I was to work with Daniel Baker - he is a valuable asset to the team at Berge Mazda, and as a representative of the Mazda brand. It was his polite, helpful, and rapid communication that brought me in to Berge Mazda in the first place. I have two Mazda dealers here in Tucson, and after attempting to work with them via email it was worth the trip up to Gilbert to purchase my CX-5 based on the communication I had with Daniel.

Mario … Awesome Salesmen! Very people person! J Go 49 ers! Thank you for all your help! – John Deanne Floyd

Pete did an incredible job helping to get me into the car I wanted. He was not pushy or tried to pull car salesman tactics that I am used to when buying a car. I am happy that I was put with Pete for the purchase.  Thanks Jack C.

Mario, I just came in for an oil change. What a sales consultant. Thank you for working hard and being very helpful! Mucho arbragado ( Portuguese Thank you!)  –Debbie Meke

Attentive, Knowledgeable, Friendly, East to talk to and NO Pressure

Overall Buying Experience was quicker and easier than previous purchase.

We were very impressed with Jared. He made us have a truly wonderful experience at the dealership. He was very informative, honest, and extremely nice. I would go back and by another car from him anytime. Everyone was very welcoming and explained everything. Great experience!

Mario was exceptional

Vince is very personable. A pleasure to work with.

As a woman, I have felt talked over and disrespected at other shops or dealerships. The service team does a great job of speaking to me as a person who does not work in the car industry.

They made me feel at home. They also sent a short card with coupons that had references to the previous conversations. Which is nice because it showed they were listening to me during casual conversation.

Vince is awesome.

My regular Service Advisor, Vince, is exceptional in his knowledge and attention to customer service. He is the reason that our cars are well taken care of and why we continue to come to Berge for service.

Communication - in all aspects. I was made to feel that I was getting top notch personal treatment. All my questions were answered satisfactorily and all service information was well explained. Vince is especially good at the service he provides. In my experience of owning new cars over 50 years, he is the best service advisor I have met.


Vince is a true asset to Berge mazda. Excellent customer service from Vince

Vine always treats me with dignity, respectful, courteous, and knowledgeable service. I enjoy doing business with Berge because of the excellent customer service that he provides. I've never had an issue with the service provided. I've never encountered a bad attitude or bad serive from any your service employee. Also, I've never had to bring my car back a second time.

They are very friendly and willing to answer any questions.

Over all a very good experience, for the ones I have received in the past for other dealers.
  I received breakthrough customer service from both the sales associate and the financial associate. I will recommend both to my friends and family and of course Berge VW.

Great people, easy to work with... I love my new car!!! The experience was actually enjoyable. Will recommend to my friends and people looking for a car.

Everyone at the dealership was easy and nice to work with. Shane did a great job with the sale of the vehicle Survey Score  100.0 

We found everyone to be very considerate of our concerns and patient with our requests for time to decide to purchase the car. And we are truly happy with the car itself! Many Thanks – D Burns

During the transaction from my old car to my new vehicle I had forgotten my CD’s. I called the next day to request someone please to check and remove them. I returned two days later and not only was I greeted by name from someone ( Bob) from the service department my CD’s were waiting for me. That shows a level of integrity that I truly appreciate.!! I received several follow up calls from both the sales person and the Mangers. The best experience ever by far. Thank you Berge!

I went to the dealership to have service done and ended up buying a new car. I had no plans to do that when went into the servce area that morning. Great Staff, great experience. Thanks!

Thanks Bob and team at Berge your always the best!

Mike is awesome I refer all to Berge Volkswagen!

Mike is professional and a pleasure to work with.

Bob is outstanding and always a pleasure to with.

Bill is a great guy!

The service is the reason I returned to the dealership for my current vehicle. I obtained my last car in 2003 and had it serviced at Berge. I was always treated courteously and the service was always excellent. The service remains outstanding, and it is well – run dealership in all aspects.

We came in tonight knowing we were very impressed with the Jetta car. We were not sure we would be able to swing the financing. Denny and his team worked over and above to get it done. Now we are equally impressed with the car, the dealership and especially Denny. Thank you!

I did not use the TV, magazines, or internet but did have a cup of coffee while I read my own magazines. The coffee bar is very nice and the coffee was excellent. They delivered on everything they said, and were very upfront about the waiting times and the service provided. Vince is very personable and does a great job. I will always go to Berge Mazda because of Vince. He makes the service very enjoyable